Find your happy place

No place like home

Ah…there’s no place like home…your happy place. Another great reason why it’s important to partner up with a dedicated professional like myself who can add another layer to your search, help you navigate the home buying/selling process, and has your best interests at heart.

Pricing to sell

Perfect timing

Pricing is all about leveraging quality information and having a great sense of timing. With pricing feedback from my experienced Edina Realty 50th & France Team and a broad range of trending market data available to me, we’ll have the very best qualified information and indicators to work with when it comes time to price your home.

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Staging lifestyle

Time to shine

Sorting out a game plan for your household items and your pending move can dramatically contribute to the quality of your listing photos and the way your home will show to potential buyers. With my team of experienced staging experts and professional photographers who know how to present your home in its best light, we’ll be able to capture images of lifestyle features and functions that home buyers are looking for.

Connecting with
motivated buyers

Strategic and social

Building a tailored integrated marketing plan that gets in front of your potential buyers is key. Using a strategic mix of social media and tried-and-true marketing tactics, I’ll develop a range of campaigns designed to intrigue, connect and motivate potential buyers.

Let's go to market!

It's all about the network

Working with Edina Realty, I have access to a dynamic and cohesive network of more than 2,400 Edina Realty REALTORS® located in 75 offices throughout Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

Moving strategies

Break it down

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